California Offshore Wind Power Forum 2013


June 11 & 12, 2013
University of California, Davis
Davis, California

The University of California, Davis and the California Energy Commission hosted a two day symposium to explore the future of offshore wind power off the coast of California. The Forum featured four panels of expert speakers discussing regulatory, environmental, technical, and economic challenges and opportunities. Drawing upon experience from overseas, other states, and other industries, they looked at how California can effectively and responsibly proceed to harness the abundant winds off its shores.

Program and Proceedings

June 11, 2013 (Day One)

Session, Speaker

  • Welcome, Enrique J. Lavernia, Dean of College of Engineering at UC Davis – PDF
  • BOEM’s Offshore Renewable Energy Process (Keynote),  Joan R. Barminski, Regional Supervisor at the Office of Strategic Resources, Pacific OCS Region, Bureau of Ocean Energy Management – PDF


Regulatory Issues for Offshore Wind Power
Moderator: David Hochschild, Commissioner, California Energy Commission

Session, Speaker

  • Offshore Wind Energy & CEQA, Holly Wyder, California State Lands Commission – PDF
  • Marine Renewable Energy Projects in California, William Toman, President, Pacific Marine Renewables, LLC – PDF
  • Fishermen’s Energy Atlantic City 25 MW Project: The Birthplace of Offshore Wind in the Americas, Aviv Goldsmith, Managing Director of Development, Fishermen’s Energy, LLC – PDF
  • Marine Protected Areas and Ocean Planning in California: What lessons for offshore renewables? Matt Armsby, Resources Law Group – PDF


Offshore Wind Power and the California Coastal Environment – PDF
Moderator: David Stoms, California Energy Commission

Session, Speaker

  • Offshore Wind Power and the California Coastal Environment, Andrea Copping, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory – PDF
  • Birds and Offshore Wind: Studying and Assessing Effects, David M. Pereksta, Pacific OCS Region, Bureau of Ocean Energy Management – PDF
  • Potential Ecological Implications of Offshore Wind Energy Installations On Birds of the California Current, Scott Terrill, H. T. Harvey & Associates – PDF
  • An Example of a Collaborative Process To Identify Environmental Research Needs, Melinda Dorin Bradbury, Independent consultant – PDF


June 12, 2013 (Day Two)

Session, Speaker

  • 1341 and counting… Offshore wind in the UK (Keynote), Huub den Rooijen, Head of Offshore Wind, The Crown Estate, UK – PDF


Offshore Wind Energy Technologies for the California Coast – PDF
Moderator: John Hingtgen, California Energy Commission

Session, Speaker

  • How Ocean Observing Systems Can Inform Offshore Wind Power Development, Leslie Rosenfeld, Program Director of Central & Northern California Ocean Observing System – PDF
  • California Offshore Wind Energy Technology Challenges and Opportunities, Walt Musial, Manager of Offshore Wind and Ocean Power Systems, National Renewable Energy Laboratory – PDF
  • WindFloat Pacific, Kevin Banister, VP Business Development Americas & Asia, Principle Power, Inc. – PDF
  • Making Offshore Wind an Economic Reality, Jay Edgar,  President of The Glosten Associates PelaStar, LLC – PDF
  • Enabling Capabilities, Mirko Previsic, Re Vision Consulting, LLC – PDF


Economic Outlook and Infrastructure Needs
Moderator: Michael Sokol, California Energy Commission

Session, Speaker

  • Offshore Wind Finance: Overview, Andy Wickless, Navigant Consulting, Inc. – PDF
  • Offshore Wind Port Readiness, Chris Elkinton, Offshore Wind Group, GL Garrad Hassan – PDF
  • Economic Outlook and Infrastructure Needs, Christopher Morris, Project Manager of the Offshore Wind Sector Development, Massachusetts Clean Energy Center – PDF
  • Jim Lanard, President of the Offshore Wind Development Coalition