California Wind Energy Collaborative Forum 2006

December 12-13, 2006
Silverado Resort
Napa, California

The California Wind Energy Collaborative conducted its fifth annual Forum on December 12 & 13, 2006 at the Silverado Resort in Napa, California. Thank you to all those who attended and stimulated discussion and examination of California’s wind industry as it pushes toward the greater capacities mandated by the recently amended Renewables Portfolio Standard. In particular, we are grateful to our speakers and panel moderators, who shared their current and in depth knowledge of the most prevalent issues in wind energy today.

The proceedings include:

  • Copies of the presentation slides
  • Audio recordings of the presentations
  • Photos from the SMUD wind plant tour
  • Roster of Forum registrants

The presentation slides are in PDF format and require Adobe Reader for viewing. The audio recordings are in mp3 format and most likely can be played on your computer without the installation of any additional software.

Access to the roster is limited to registered attendees of the Forum. If you registered for the Forum, the username and password required to access the roster have been already e-mailed to you. Contact if you need the username and password re-sent to you.


December 12, 2006 (Day 1)

Session, Speaker

  • Transmission Planning for Renewable Resources (Keynote), Dariush Shirmohammadi, Director, Regional Transmission – South, California ISO – PDF


California Intermittency Analysis Project
Moderator: Dora Yen-Nakafuji, California Energy Commission

Session, Speaker

  • Intermittency Analysis Project: A 2020 Perspective, Dora Yen-Nakafuji, California Energy Commission – PDF, MP3
  • Intermittency Analysis Project: Transmission Analysis / Modeling Methodology, Billy Quach, Davis Power Consultants and Kollin Patten PowerWorld Corporation – PDF
  • Intermittency Analysis Project: GE Team Preliminary Results, 2010 Highlights from the August 15, 2006 Commission Staff Workshop, Dora Yen-Nakafuji, California Energy Commission – PDFMP3


Developments in the Tehachapi Wind Resource Area
Moderator: Dave Olsen, West Wind Wires

Session, Speaker

  • Tehachapi and State GHG Reduction Goals, Dave Olsen, West Wind Wires – PDFMP3
  • Tehachapi Plan of Service, Gary Tarplee, Southern California Edison – PDFMP3
  • Tehachapi Wind Projects Overview, Hal Romanowitz, Oak Creek Energy Systems, Inc. – PDF


December 13, 2006 (Day 2)

Session, Speaker

  • Global Wind Energy Outlook (Keynote), Jens Soby, President & CEO, Vestas Americas – PDF


Technology Challenges of Utility-Scale Wind Turbines
Moderator: Bruce White, California Wind Energy Collaborative, UC Davis

Session, Speaker

  • Technical Solutions to Enable Increased Wind Energy Penetration Levels on the Grid, Craig Christenson, GE Energy – PDFMP3
  • Technology Challenges of Utility-Scale Wind Turbines, Amir Mikhail, Senior Vice President – Engineering, Clipper Windpower – PDF
  • Wind Turbine Reliability, Roger Hill, Sandia National Laboratories – PDF
Shaping and Firming Wind Energy
Moderator: Pramod Kulkarni, California Energy Commission

Session, Speaker

  • Shaping & Firming Wind Energy with Electric Energy Storage, Robert B. Schainker, EPRI Technical Executive, Energy Storage Program, Electric Power Research Institute
  • The Nexus of Hydrogen and Wind Power, Tom Griffith, Synthetic Energy, Inc.
  • Shaping and Firming Wind Energy Using Vanadium Redox Flow Batteries, Janice Lin, StrateGen Consulting, LLC